Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guitar Beginners 2 Course

Guitar Beginners 2 course will be starting at Mosman Community College (Spit Junction)
Friday, 19th October 2012

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Jazz Guitar Course

Jazz Guitar course will be starting at City East Community College (Randwick Girls' High School)
Tuesday, 16th October 2012
This course paves the way to the exciting world of Jazz guitar. With knowledge of basic chords and an ability to play simple melodies, begin playing Jazz guitar easily. Learn the fundamental aspects of Jazz; Jazz chords, chord comping, Jazz soloing and Jazz licks.
Unlike traditionally dry and confusing Jazz methods, this course provides an enjoyable step- by-step approach to learning to play Jazz guitar.

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Flamenco Guitar Course

Flamenco Guitar course will be starting at the following community colleges:
Mosman Community College (Mosman)
Starting Monday, 15th October 2012
St George College (Kogarah)
Starting Wednesday 17th October 2012
This course is designed to unlock the challenging flamenco style for guitarists of all levels. Carefully graded exercises will present various Flamenco forms and techniques. Special attention will be given to the strumming hand, to achieve the unique sound for which the Flamenco guitar is famous. Various techniques like Arpeggio, Rasgueados and Pulgar will be explained and taught
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